CBB61 350VAC Generator Capacitor , Motor Capacitor

CBB61 9uF 350VAC

CBB61 10uF 350VAC

CBB61 11uF 350VAC

CBB61 12uF 350VAC

CBB61 13.5uF 350VAC

CBB61 15uF 350VAC

CBB61 15uF 350VAC Wired 

CBB61 16uF 350VAC

CBB61 16uF 350VAC 4 Pin Pump Capacitor 

CBB61 20uF 350VAC 4 Terminal 

CBB61 20uF 350VAC

CBB61 24uF 350VAC 4 Terminal

CBB61 24uF 350VAC

CBB61 25uF 350VAC Wired

CBB61 25uF 350VAC 4 Terminal

CBB61 28uF 350VAC

CBB61 28uF 350VAC Wired

CBB61 35uF 350VAC

CBB61 45uF 350VAC

450VAC Capacitors

Generator Capacitor

Motor Capacitor

Water pump Capacitor

Fan capacitor

We also stock  CBB61 250VAC Capacitor   CBB61 300VAC Capacitor     CBB61 450VAC Capacitor

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