CBB61 300VAC Capacitor , CBB61 Motor Capacitor

Generator Capacitor

Motor Capacitor

Water pump Capacitor

Fan capacitor

CBB61 11uF 300VAC

CBB61 12UF 300VAC

CBB61 12UF 300VAC Wired

CBB61 13UF 300VAC

CBB61 16 UF 300VAC

CBB61 20UF 300VAC

CBB61 24 UF 300VAC 

CBB61 24UF 300VAC Wired

CBB61 25UF 300VAC

CBB61 26uF 300VAC

CBB61 27UF 300VAC Wired

CBB61 30UF 300VAC Wired

CBB61 40UF 300VAC Wired

We also stock    CBB61 250VAC Capacitor   CBB61 350VAC Capacitor     CBB61 450VAC Capacitor

Weather Facts

Florida Labor Day Hurricane 1935  Initially noted east of the central Bahamas on August 29. Heading to the west it passed near Andros Island on September 1, at which time it gained hurricane strength and veered west northwest. Continued to strengthen and when the storm reached the middle Florida Keys on September 2, it was a Category 5 hurricane. After moving through the Keys, the hurricane turned gradually northward almost parallel to the Florida west coast until it again made landfall near Cedar Key as a Category 2 hurricane on the 4th. A northeastward motion took the storm across the southeastern United States to the Atlantic coast near Norfolk, Virgina on September 6. It continued into the Atlantic ocean where it became extratropical on the 7th and last being detected on the 10th.

Florida Labor Day Hurricane 1935