Air Lift Water Pump for fish pond.

 My existing well had water at 20 feet.

A 1 inch PVC pipe was installed 60 feet into the well with 20 feet of pipe extending to my reservoir.

Two 1/5 HP air compressors on timers staggered to run 5 minutes each every hour were attached to a 1/4 inch plastic line that was placed into the 1 inch PVC pipe and ran to nearly the bottom where an aquarium bubbler was secured.

 I have used this system to supply two small fish ponds for more than a year.

 The only problem was the 1/4 inch air line froze due to condensation. This was corrected by routing the line directly into the 1 inch PVC pipe at the point it exited the well as opposed to the top of the pipe.

I like the system because it is maintenance free, supplies highly oxidized water and very low operating cost.

 If you experiment with this type system and want efficiency use unregulated, small, low volume compressors that will pump a minimum 60 pounds of pressure.